Overview and thematic exercises

Souhrnná a tematická cvičení k nácviku výslovnosti a mluvené češtiny pro cizince

(Overview and thematic exercises for practicing pronunciation and spoken Czech for foreigners)

Jitka Veroňková



The exercise book contains a number of listening exercises with articulation practice and various exercise types for training of perception (e.g., identification of units and their comparison, filling sounds or longer parts, word order). Articulation practice is guided by the effort to achieve intelligible and fluent speech for a non-native speaker of Czech.

Part of the vocabulary used in the exercises is based on selected thematic areas (e.g., days of the week, months, numerals but also phrases or Czech proverbs). Attention is paid to the relationship between the graphic form and sound level of the Czech language.

Articulation exercises are supplemented with broader instructions, or introductory comments with a simple theory.

Each exercise includes recording – the text is linked to the internet application using a QR code, so the user can also use other application functions. The exercise book can be used as additional material in language courses for working in groups and with individuals, but also during self-study. The selection of speech material takes into account both beginner-level users and more advanced students.

The table of contents, introduction and sample lessons (in Czech) here..

Errata najdete (in Czech) here. 


Souhrnná a tematická cvičení k nácviku výslovnosti a mluvené češtiny pro cizince

Jitka Veroňková

Automatická sazba: Fenomen multimedia, a. s.

Grafické zpracování: Kristina Černá

Obálka: Kristina Černá

Vydala Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta Vydání první, Praha 2022

Available at FF UK e-shop či or eg. at Karolinum, Academia, Kosmas.


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