What you will find in the application – more details

The ProCzeFor application currently contains more than 20,000 speech units.

For each unit, it is possible to display its text – written in orthography, but also in transcription (Czech and international) – and listen to the audio track.

The following levels are used

  • words
  • phrases
  • sentences
  • longer texts
  • fragments

Words and phrases are most represented. Speech units can be searched in the sound dictionary using filters. For example, by searching by sound phenomena, you can choose suitable speech material for practice.

Of course, it is also possible to use already prepared exercises for training. There are currently more than 500 of these and they are organized into three books. The books are structured according to sound phenomena or thematic areas.

The exercises are very variable. Listening and articulation exercises are the most represented, for which listen and repeat modes are available. The aim is for the user to work with the speech material really actively, therefore the application also contains so-called listening exercises with a task with training and test modes, in which the user receives immediate feedback of correct/incorrect answers.

Among the types of tasks you can find, for example, choice a sound unit based on listening, comparing sound units and determining the number of differences between them, filling (diacritics, individual characters or longer sections), marking words according to the assignment, adjusting the word order according to the recording, students of bohemistic programmes can practice transcription etc.

Various functions can be used in the application: In all exercises, you can choose whether you want to listen to the unit once or repeatedly, whether you want to play the units separately or listen to the entire row, column, or the entire exercise at once. You can also choose, for example, the length of the pause between individual playbacks (short-long).