Instructions: principal functions


Kniha > Kapitola > (Kapitola) > Cvičení

Book > Chapter > (Chapter) > Exercise



Setting (main functions)

  • Zobrazení (Display): In addition to the spelling (orthography), you can also view the transcription.
  • Míchání (Mix up): You can randomly change the order of rows or/and columns
  • Pauza (Pause): You can set the length of pause for listening and repeat
  • Počet přehrání (Number of playback): You can set number of playback. Pípnutí (Beep): “beep” between playbacks.

Defaultní nastavení (Default setting): spelling (orthography) only, pause medium, 1 playback to listen (2 playbacks to repeat)


Signs (basic)

Speaker: playback
Eye: Unit detail (or task solution)
Paper and pencil: task, question


Listening and articulation exercises

Possibilities of playback (in green):

  • single unit
  • row
  • column
  • exercise (Přehrát vše)

Listen (Poslouchejte) and Repeat (Opakujte) modes (swich button, in red).




Repeat mode (Opakujte):

click the play button (listen to the unit) > pause to repeat according to the listening > spelling + listen to the unit again



Listening exercise with a task

To enter a task (or question) for the unit click on the “paper and pencil” icon

Tento obrázek nemá vyplněný atribut alt; název souboru je image-2.png.
  • Read the assignment
  • Listen to the unit
  • Do a task (e.g. select a unit, complete)

Click on the Odpovědět button (to answer).



On the main page of the exercise, you will see if the answer is correct or incorrect.


Test and Training (Trénink) modes (switch button, in red).




  • Test:
    I see I have a mistake.
    I can go back, listen to the unit again, but I can’t correct anything.
    E.g. for the “selection” exercise, I can only hear one unit.
  • Training:
    I see I have a mistake.
    I can come back and correct my answer.
    E.g. for the “selection” exercise, I can listen to all the units that are available for selection.

Attention! For exercises of the “Fill in” type, you must first mark the position you want to fill in the unit. Click on the selected position so that it has a yellow color. You can then complete/correct the yellow position.