About application

ProCzeFor (PROnunciation of CZEch for FOReigners) [pročefor]/[prot͡ʃefor]

  • a specialized internet tool for practicing Czech pronunciation in non-native speakers
  • intended for foreign language students of Czech with various mother tongues and different levels of speaking skills in Czech
  • it contains speech material in written and audio forms and various types of exercises with the option to view the transcription (Czech and international IPA)
  • the user has the possibility to select and filter the speech material according to the listed criteria and to test certain skills
  • when choosing the training material, knowledge about the problematic phonetic phenomena of Czech related to the native languages ​​of speakers who frequently appear in the target group learning Czech (e.g. Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and others) was taken into account
  • the tool is suitable for individual and group teaching
  • accompanying material are printed workbooks enabling/supporting parallel work, especially in a group
  • the application was created as part of the project Instrument for teaching the sound patterns of Czech to non-native speakers, with emphasis on applying ICT (2019–2022)
  • the name of the application ProCzeFor [pročefor]/[prot͡ʃefor] was created from the phrase PROnunciation of CZEch for FOReigners